• Posted: 20th June 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
A social session on Berners Hall Fishery, Essex, proved tough going for the most part for Alan Draycott and his partner Emma – until they changed tactics!
A switch to solid bags made a massive difference to their fortunes, as they went from blanking to landing seven fish to low thirties in the second half of their session.
“The fishing was pretty tough due to the scorching temperatures, with not a lot coming out over the whole lake,” admitted Alan.
“For the first 24 hours we blanked fishing in open water. Everyone was fishing over bait and only a couple of stockies had been caught at this point, so we switched to solid bags of Crayfish Mini Mix and Betastim Mini Mix pellets injected with Switch Hydro Spod Syrup and some chilli oil, with PB wafters used as hookbaits.
“Within a couple of hours I’d lost a couple fish on size 6 hooks, so swapped to size 4s and between me and Emma we went on to land a total of seven fish to 31lb out of 13 bites, losing some due to the thick Canadian. The bag couldn’t have even melted properly on one of the bites, as it went before I’d even got the rod on the pod!”