• Posted: 16th March 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
When Michael Patience’s girlfriend said to him he’d land one of the biggest fish in the lake on his second night, he initially didn’t take her premonition too seriously, but maybe he should have done!
After dropping on his Essex syndicate on the way back from a social in Oxfordshire, Michael thought he’d try his luck for the final night of his session, even though the weather looked dreadful. What ensued was a two-fish capture shortly before dark, culminating in the capture – as Michael’s girlfriend had predicted – with one of the largest fish in the lake at 35lb!
“After a social session for a mate’s 40th birthday being cut short due to the lake being booked out the following morning, I decided to head straight from Oxfordshire back to my syndicate back in Essex,” said Michael.
“When arriving at the lake, the weather didn’t look great, with temperatures dropping to -4! I was about to go home, but remembered something my girlfriend told me about how I was going to catch on my second night and it was going to be one of the biggest fish in the lake. With that I set the rods up with solid bags and PB wafter hookbaits and at 4 o’clock the first rod was away. I couldn’t believe my luck – a 22lb mirror in freezing conditions! I put the rod back on the spot not thinking I would be lucky enough to have another. I rang my girlfriend to tell her and her reply was, ‘I told you you’d have one, but I said it would be one of the big ones.’ She also reminded me she said I would have it between 6 and 7 o’clock. I laughed and said I was lucky to get one in this weather!
“At around 5.50pm, me and my mate were talking and he said he felt like one of us was going to get another fish. Just as he’d finished saying that, the same rod ripped off! This time I knew I was into something a bit better and after brutal battle the fish was in the net. As I looked in the net, I couldn’t believe it, one of the biggest fish in the lake at 35lb!”
Michael filled his solid bags with a mixture of Crayfish Mini Mix pellets and Betastim Mini Mix pellets.