• Posted: 9th January 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Matthew Whitworth’s first-ever visit to the Embryo’s Norton Disney complex certainly didn’t disappoint, producing 11 fish from 13 bites on Billy’s Lake.
Matt, who admitted he didn’t have a clue where to start when he arrived on the popular day-ticket complex, didn’t take long to get into his stride when he set up on Billy’s Lake – but he soon had to rely on some help from a friend after running out of bait!
“Due to maintenance work being completed on my syndicate water, I chose to go to Embryo’s Norton Disney complex for the very first time,” said Matt.
“As I had never stepped foot on the complex before, I didn’t have a clue where to start, which lake to fish or what tactics to use. After speaking with the bailiffs and following a quick walk around a couple of the lakes, I decided to fish Billy’s.
“I found a spot out towards the centre of the lake at 27 wraps and fished all three rods on a tight baited area. The bait was roughly 3kg of The Bug, which I soaked in condensed milk and spring water 24 hours before my session started. I then crumbed up half the bait and added the rest to a mixture of Bug 8-millers, 12-millers, mini dumbbells, corn and hemp. All three rods were rigged up with 12mm PB pop-ups on hinged stiff rigs.
“What became apparent in the first few hours of fishing was that I had not brought enough bait with me, so I rang one of my friends, Tom Spavin, and luckily he saved the day and he brought me a further 5kg of Switch and 2kg of corn down to the lake in the morning so I could keep the spots topped up.
“In total, I had 13 bites and 11 fish, with five of them going over the 20lb mark. All the others were upper doubles. I was over the moon with the decisions I made and that I’d had such a good session in the middle of winter on a venue I had never stepped foot on before.”