• Posted: 25th March 2022
  • Author: Team DNA

If you ever needed any further proof that the fish are waking up, this is it!

Belfast carper Aaron Mcilwaine visited the Linear Fisheries complex for a session on one of the Guys syndicate waters. Opting for Unity Lake, Aaron would go on to record an incredible 32-fish haul from 34 bites, a catch that included the lake’s Big Mirror at 40lb 12oz and a raft of thirties, with just two of his 32 fish weighing below the 20lb mark.

Aaron takes up the story: “Initially I walked around Gaunts Lake, but after seeing nothing to go on from the swims available, I headed for Unity. I settled in a swim where I’d noticed a lot of birdlife and, after watching for a short while, the birds soon gave it away that there were carp in area.

“After having a lead about, it soon became apparent there was plenty of weed about, although I soon found a couple of clear areas up against the weedbeds to present my rigs and free offerings.

“I decided to go in with solid-bag tactics, using the Crayfish Mini Mix pellets with either The Bug Half Tones or PB wafters as my hookbaits. Not to forget, a few spods of 12mm Bug loaded in Bug Liquid Food, a little bit of hemp, a scattering of corn through the mix and lashings of Bug Hydro Spod Syrup.

“It was just into dark when I received my first bite, which came from a lovely mid-double, followed shortly after by a low twenty. The night passed with no more activity, but after a few spods to top the area up at first light, I started to receive liners and the bites soon followed. Little did I know what was to come!

“Keeping the bait going in on a little-and-often basis resulted with me having 34 takes, landing 32 fish, including a 30lb 7oz common, a 31lb 5oz mirror and Unity’s Big Mirror at 40lb 12oz! Admittedly, this was a recapture but at a heavier weight, making it my second UK forty.

“Out of the 32 fish I landed, only two were under 20lb!

The Bug really is something special.”