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Boilie Deal 1 – 10 Kilos


10 kilos of your choice of boilie plus a pot of hookbaits just £80 POST FREE


Earn up to 80 DNA Points.

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  • Description

    10 kilos of your choice of boilie plus a pot of hookbaits just £80 POST FREE

  • Additional information
    Weight 11 kg

    Secret 7, NuttaS, SLK, The Switch


    Freezer Bait, Shelf Life

    5KG Split Size (1)

    15mm, 18mm

    5KG Split Size (2)

    15mm, 18mm

    Hookbait Option

    Secret 7 HalfTone 12mm Pop ups, Secret 7 HalfTone 15mm Pop ups, Secret 7 HalfTone Wafters, The Switch HalfTone 12mm Pop ups, The Switch HalfTone 15mm Pop ups, The Switch HalfTone Wafters, Secret 7 12mm Pop-Ups, Secret 7 15mm Pop-Ups, Secret 7 18mm Pop-Ups, Secret 7 Mixed Dumbell Wafters, Secret 7 15mm Wafters, Secret 7 18mm Wafters, The Switch 12mm Pop-Ups, The Switch 15mm Pop-Ups, The Switch 18mm Pop-Ups, The Switch Mixed Dumbell Wafters, The Switch 15mm Wafters, The Switch 18mm Wafters, SLK 12mm Pop-Ups, SLK 15mm Pop-Ups, SLK 18mm Pop-Ups, SLK Mixed Dumbell Wafters, SLK 15mm Wafters, SLK 18mm Wafters, Nutta-S 12mm Pop-Ups, Nutta-S 15mm Pop-Ups, Nutta-S 18mm Pop-ups, Nutta-S Mixed Dumbell Wafters, Nutta-S 15mm Wafters, Nutta-S 18mm Wafters, Milky Malt 10mm Pop-Ups, Milky Malt 12mm Pop-Ups, Milky Malt 14mm Pop-Ups, Milky Malt 18mm Pop-Ups, Milky Malt Dumbell Wafters, Wraysberry 10mm Pop-Ups, Wraysberry 12mm Pop-Ups, Wraysberry 14mm Pop-Ups, Wraysberry 18mm Pop-Ups, Wraysberry Dumbell Wafters, Pink Peril 10mm Pop-Ups, Pink Peril 12mm Pop-Ups, Pink Peril 14mm Pop-Ups, Pink Peril 18mm Pop-Ups, Pink Peril Dumbell Wafters, PB 10mm Pop-Ups, PB 12mm Pop-Ups, PB 14mm Pop-Ups, PB 18mm Pop-Ups, PB Dumbell Wafters, Fruitylicious 10mm Pop-Ups, Fruitylicious 12mm Pop-Ups, Fruitylicious 14mm Pop-Ups, Fruitylicious 18mm Pop-Ups, Fruitylicious Dumbell Wafters

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