• Posted: 14th October 2020
  • Author: Team DNA

If you are looking for a proven bait you can rely on 12 months of the year, here’s a few facts about one of the most consistent baits on the market, Secret 7.

Secret 7 was launched back in 2012.
– The freezer and shelf-life baits have undergone a slight colour change this year (2020) due to the synthetic red dye present in the original birdfood blend no longer allowed to be used in fish feed in accordance with Defra regulations. The dye is now a natural version.
– The name ‘Secret 7’ comes from the seven secret spices and salts that go into the bait, but these days the number has increased from seven to nine.
– The base mix contains the unbeatable Norse-LT and CPSP90 fishmeals.
– Its beautiful texture and easy digestibility come from the high-quality Krill Meal within the bait.
Secret 7 contains more Krill Meal than the other fishmeal in the DNA range, SLK.
– The Secret 7 flavouring is a smooth peach and sweet orange, which you can actually buy yourself, as it is the same product as the S7 Half Tones Intense Booster.
– The Liquid Food that goes into the bait includes the incredible krill hydrolysate and human-grade molasses.
Secret 7 has caught UK carp in excess of 60lb and fish on the continent close to 90lb.
– Crude protein content: 30.9%

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