The Switch – Did You Know?

  • Posted: 19th July 2018
  • Author: Team DNA

Here are a few things you may not know about the Switch:

  • Work first started on the Switch, or at least the concept of it, at the turn of the decade, before its official release in 2016.
  • In a world of vastly depleting fish stocks in our seas, the idea was to create a completely sustainable high-protein, non-fishmeal bait.
  • The Switch Liquid Food was largely designed and tested by Cal Wilson of British Aqua Feeds.
  • The base mix contains high-quality, readily available, food-grade protein sources, such as pea protein isolate, rennet casein, calcium caseinate, whey protein and beef protein isolate, all in excess of 80% protein levels.
  • Hydrolysed yeast and liver powders enhance gustatory and olfactory (taste and smell) attraction of the bait.
  • The inclusion of high-end ingredients enables bait to be boiled more than a minute less than other baits, preserving more of the bait’s essential amino acids.
  • Protein level – 38%.
  • UK carp of more than 50lb and foreign carp in excess of 70lb have been caught on the Switch since its release.

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The Switch: