• Posted: 8th April 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
Our soon-to-be-released Amino Smoke is something to be extremely excited about, according to our team members, with Justin Greig the latest angler to benefit from its obvious appeal!
Twelve hours into his first session using the Secret 7 Amino Smoke, Justin had bagged a trio of 30-pounders from his syndicate water, a 35lb 14oz common and mirrors of 33lb and 32lb.
“This Amino Smoke is something special,” Justin told us part way through his session.
He finished the trip with five fish in total, adding two more mid-twenties to complete a highly successful session.
Justin fished with PB wafters on spinner rigs, combined with mesh bags of Crayfish Mini Mix pellets that he pumped with as much Amino Smoke as he could get away with.
He also baited with a mixture of crushed and whole Secret 7 boilies that he had pre-soaked in S7 Liquid Food 24 hours before his session, with some Crayfish Maxi Mix added for good measure.