• Posted: 8th March 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
Lee ‘Smiley’ Baker has capped off the most remarkable few months’ angling he has ever experienced with a hard-earned and justly deserved new lake record.
Lee has whetted our appetite for the new campaign with scaly after scaly on his syndicate already this year, but there was always a bigger prize at the back of his mind and the hope of something extra special.
Yesterday, in the midst of another good run of fish, Lee’s numbers finally came in as he slipped his net under the largest fish in the lake, another beautiful scaly mirror of 51lb 13oz, which was not only a lake record but a new personal best for Lee.
Describing his emotions after the capture, Lee said: “I’m absolutely blown away!”
Lee has been soaking his Secret 7 and SLK boilies and in S7 Liquid Food and then dusting it in Krill Meal and Insect Meal, and then adding Hydro Spod Syrups and similar powders to his pellets.
Secret 7 Corker wafters and Corker pop-ups fished over the top have been getting the bites.